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Custom Engineered Recovery Systems

Used oil & solvent recovery and biofuel production design

Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company designs and manufactures complete, turnkey, skid mounted systems which recover near virgin grade solvents and oils from waste streams.  Pesco was founded in 1991 and has been testing, engineering, designing, fabricating, installing and operating solvent and oil recovery systems since its inception.

Pesco is a synergy of cutting edge design, in-the-trenches experience, top engineering ability and global standard manufacturing.
With over 25 years of environmental engineering experience in building affordable, turn-key, reliable, skid mounted, state-of-the-art plants.

Our mission is to facilitate environmental restoration, resource recovery and pollution reduction through innovative technologies and design, construction, and operation of affordable state-of-the-art waste recovery and bio-fuels systems.


I would not hesitate to recommend PESCO if you are looking to install Chemical Process or Ancillary equipment for your plant.

AJ Simmons Jr. President of American Distillation

Brent Industries Incorperated highly recommends the services and equipment of PESCO.  Over the past year we have had PESCO involved in many aspects of our solvent recovery and purification processes.

Royce E. Willie, CEO of Brent Industries

Pesco was keenly instrumental in developing and engineering end process for Dynachem’s solvent reclamation facility.  The quality of the services rendered and the expertise displayed by the Pesco staff was second to none.

Carl Ruff, General Manager of DynaChem