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Biofuel Systems – Ethanol

Pesco designs and builds a range of right-sized biofuels manufacturing plants to produce high quality liquid and gas fuels and valuable byproducts from a variety of feedstocks.  Pesco’s processing systems enable biofuel producers to realize greater profitability through lower startup costs, consistent and reliable product quality, stronger supplier and consumer relationships, distributed feedstock, direct market connectivity and smarter manufacturing.

These Biofuels systems include processes for batch and continuous biodiesel production and for both traditional and celluosic ethanol production.  These systems use technologies and approaches that encourage the use of sustainably-sourced feedstocks to maximize the attributes of the biofuels produced.  Depending on your goals and the specific conditions of you project, Pesco will deliver custom state of the art answers to all of you needs.

Biofuels Services

  • Cellulosic Ethanol Systems
  • Traditional Ethanol Distillation
  • Mulit-Stage Fractionation Systems
  • Clay Filtration systems
  • Biodiesel-Batch Systems
  • Biodiesel-Continuous Systems
  • Molecular Sieves
  • By-Product Recovery Systems
  • Methane Digestors
  • DDG Systems
  • Mobile Systems
  • On-site Training
  • Troubleshooting existing systems


  • PESCO’s Biodiesel Systems are the most complete systems of the market today.
  • They include all the process modules to deal with a wide variety of feedstock, including yellow grease, canola oil, soy oil, palm oil and also animal fats.
  • PESCO’s systems are designed to efficiently convert these fats and oils into biodiesel, obtaining better than 98% conversion.
  • They include all the needed modules to recover valuable byproducts such as methanol and glycerin.
  • We guarantee that our systems will produce products which will meet ASTM, EU, and Turkish Standards.
  • The systems are continuous and computer controlled.